First Makeup Shop in Sydney

A couple days ago I went for my first makeup shopping in Sydney since we landed almost 2 weeks ago- I know I too cant believe I lasted until now. With all the amazing stores to choose from (and a Mecca Cosmetica around the corner from me- I too am impressed with my restraint) I hit the Bondi Junction stores to add some essentials to my kit.

Luckily after a recent trip to london, including shopping at stores like Liberty, Debenhams, Charlotte Tilbury and Selfridges... spending some major pounds... it was only time before I needed a replenish.

I am so excited to use these new products on some exciting new jobs and clients I have coming up....

I have listed below all the products and reviews on how I rate them.... Let me know if a beauty tutorial using these new products would be something you would like.... I also feel like buying my own birthday present this year entitles me to some great beauty finds. Enjoy!!! I have linked the products to where you can find them.

MAC Concealer and Corrector- Light and Medium. The consistancy is great, and coverage moderate and natural. I feel this is a standard concealer and corrector. You will always find these in a Makeup artists Kit. The colour range is great for a variety of Skin tones, and able to cover those unwanted spots, and under eye area. I also replenished the Mineral concealer I needed for my kit, its one of the best!

Blinc Mascara- It feels like the millionth time I have bought blinc mascara. I love this Mascara for my bridal work and any makeup I need to last really long, and have a waterproof effect. The genius that is Blinc mascara, is that the mascara actually Tubes your lashes instead of coating them. This makes it last, not smudge and I have worn it under a waterfall and done some crying tests and it stays on about 98%... it does come off with hot water and makeup remover- in little tubes. Dont freak if it feels like your lashes are falling off... also, hardly any mess! The lady at the David Jones counter witnessed me jumping from joy at finding them here!!!

The Balm- I got a little carried away but with good reason, with 30% off most items I would be crazy not to take advantage- the Mary-Lou Manizer is a cult classic and the sales assistant had to find me one from the store room! This Highlighter is perfection for cheekbones and inner corners of your eyes, plus a little dash on your cupids bow (the dip in your upper lip!). The blush, Instain, is an instant stain, and lasts for ages, and the NUDE palette is so fun, with brilliant pigmented colours... plus the packaging is so cute you cant resist.

Stila Eyeliner- This Stay All Day liner is exactly as it says.. It DOES NOT move. Other then on my eyes, I tested this on my hand to try out the consistancy and line definitions, putting my hand in water and rubbing, it still did not budge!!!

Eyeko Brow Liner- This was a great find, the small brush like felt tip gives you the precision to make beautiful realistic looking strokes in your eyebrows, though the colour is a little darker, I love how its such an easy application, and completely waterproof. Ill definitely look at getting more Eyeko products, endorsed by the amazing Alexa Chung.

Urban Decay- The All-nighter makeup setting spray is also a cult classic. I have used it a few times and it definitely felt like it held my makeup on. I will be sure to keep using it and keep you updated.

Josie Maran- Coconut watercolor cheek gelee in 'Poppy Paradise' is the second blush I have from this line, my other one is 'Pink Escape', I love the colours, the consistancy and the natural, animal friendly elements of this line, it definitely keeps me coming back for more. Plus the Argan oil and coconut oil used in these products are so great for your skin.

Japonesque- Eye and lip pencil sharpener is amazing. The last sharpener I was using was breaking all my products. It has a regular sized sharpener and a thicker sized part too, which dispense into the same sharpenings hold, so it saves room in your kit for a two-in-one job! Very sleek and works beautifully.

Aside from all this beautiful Makeup, I did invest in a few new hair products that I have found so far work really well....

De Lorenzo- Elements Air Motion Styling Mousse, with organic rooibos extract, it has a great smell and medium hold for texture, I love putting a little mousse into my hair before styling- it helps my hair to hold if im using a heating styler or just for a little extra volume.

I also got the De Lorenzo Vapour Mist hair spray which I love, it allows you to spray on, yet still style the also brushes out. I prefer my hair sprays to give a natural looking hold then a 'stuck down forever hold', as most of the hairstyles I do to myself and to my clients are more natural and call for movement. It has a beautiful smell, with its extra ingredient of organic lime fruit oil... Anyone who knows me and how I feel about hair spray (yukkkkk) will know that this is big coming from me!!!!

Also last but not least the cutest InvisiBobble- traceless hair rings, these come in a pack of 3 and are so cute. Their aim is to tie around your hair and not leave a crease- thus far- no creases!!!

Ok lovely ones, I hope you enjoyed my first official blog... Lots of great products and good information. If there is anything more you would like to know about these products, leave a comment by emailing me and ill get straight back to you or reply on another blog!

Be well and swell

XxX Cassy

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