Jiv.Elan Trial and Products

A couple weeks ago I did an Event for Nikki Lambrinos for her new range of Natural Skin Care Products. The Jiv.Elan products are forumalated and tested by Nikki, who oversee's every ingredient that goes into them, everything natural and organic, vegan and for sensitive skin. The products are made with love and every drop soothes the skin.

At the event, the clients had a consultation with Nikki, about their skin type and any issues they were having (i.e Dryness, breakouts etc). They were then treated to a Facial with leading facialist Fumi Yamamoto of Zen Facial. After this, they came to me and had a light 15 minute makeup application.

I used predominantly natural products, which I will list below.

The Event was held by AC Verve at their Surry Hills Office. Those invited were Editors of prestigious magazines and online sites, Bloggers/ Beauty Freelancers and Television Personalities. It was such an incredible experience to see how this product made everyones skin shine, look and feel rejeuvenated and most of all their reaction of pure joy!

In the coming weeks I met up with Nikki and she was kind enough to give me a trial pack of her gorgeous products.

Here I will blog how the products felt, what I used, How my skin changed/didnt change and what I feel about it for the next two weeks.

This is my makeup free, bare face before using the products (maybe a little eyebrow gel!)

You can see some slight redness and rosacea in my cheeks and the corner of my nose. What may be harder to see is the dryness on my cheeks, I have combination skin where the corners of my nose are oily and the rest of my skin is mostly dry.

Here is a Breakdown of the products I was given to use, age appropriate for what my skin needed. From the reccomendations that Nikki Gave me when she sat with me and asked what my skin really needed. I always find with skin products that its a wise decision to sit with the skin consultant so they can give you specific treatments for your skin. Otherwise if you know what you want , and ordering online, be sure to read all the information to make sure its the right fit for you!

Luminous Vitamin C Face oil- This is so incredibly nourishing for your skin, its easily absorbed and creates a great base for anything you may want to put on top in term of skin care or makeup.

So far I have used this Vitamin C oil on my face day and night- I can see that my skin is feeling more hydrated.

I also felt like over the two weeks this was the product that I went to the most- its quick to absorb which for me, if im putting makeup over, I felt was the best day or night.

Deep nourishment Face Elixir Oil- This is a slightly thicker consistancy then the Vitamin C oil, which gives an adding nourishment (hence the name title!) This Oil leaves the skin feeling plump and hydrated giving it back all the moisture that is drained out during the day from the sun, makeup and elements. A great one for Winter, I love this Elixir already.

Since using this product I have felt the elasticity in my skin feel more firm and revitalized from the extra moisture.

Purifying Face Cleansing Gel- This amazing gel has so many incredible things about it. Firstly when rubbing on the skin it removes makeup and cleanses the skin with its gentle moisture. After you have rubbed gently into the skin, you have 1 of 3 options, to 1. leave the gel on and rinse off after a couple minutes 2. Leave on for the day or night as the Gel also has moisturizing qualities that are great for your skin, or 3. Rinse off straight away, and watch an amazing thing happen- the natural ingredients combined with water has an emulsifying effect, pure magic!

Revitalize and Lift Intensive Eye Cream- This Slightly thicker cream has been loving rejuvenating the skin under my eyes. Unfortunately in an age when we are 'Go, Go, Go...' many of us are accustomed to having discolouration under our eyes. Mine is a slight purplish colour, and I am forever using corrector and concealer. Since using this product I have found that my under eye bags have miraculously diminshed. I tap on the smallest amount- as a little goes a long way, with my ring fingers (the one between your middle and pinky!) A great fact to know is that this finger has the lightest touch on your faces... Go ahead and try....Now that you know- I would suggest whenever putting on makeup or creams to use this finger!

Restorative Fruit Acids Face Tonic- This amazing tonic has helped my face immensly, I have a small amount of rosacea (small veins and redness) on my cheeks. This product helps to restore and repair the skin from the depths, I ahve even been rubbing some on my arms, which also have some redness and the results are amazing. I can see each morning as I wake that the redness is fading. I put this on at night, as the first form of my nightime face routine. Then applying the oils and creams.

For now these are the Products I have been using, Nikki said to me that you will not know what works for you if you put everything on all at one time, so I am taking it slowly and letting my face guide me with what it needs and reacts well to. These products are made with love and each one is rich with antioxidants and amazing natural ingredients. It has been a pleasure using them on my face and decolletage, even on my arms. I have felt a complete amount of hydration in my skin and its amazing to see the redness and discoloration slowly fading away. I have been so strict with following my morning and night routines and its definitely paid off.

After 2 weeks of using Jiv.Elan Products here are the results of my skin, and how these products have helped to moisturize and rejuvenate. It is clear to see the purple under my eyes has diminished.

The redness in my cheeks and nose from the rosacea looks more soothed and in a smaller spot. My skin looks more hydrated and is glowing.

To the left is my skin BEFORE

To the right is my skin AFTER 2 weeks

Looking dewy and fresh.

If and when I add more products from Jiv.Elan to my regiment I will add the information about which products and what they do for my skin!

Visit the Jiv.Elan Showroom at Shop 1 / 574 Botany Road Alexandria NSW 2015.

Thanks for reading...



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