Zen Facial

The minute I was introduced to Fumi Yamamoto I knew I had met someone really special. In the Beauty world its amazing to find someone so down to earth and inspiring.

Fumi has the most enthusiasm I have ever come across, genuine positivity and looking to make everyone around her feel the light! When working with her on an event, I was given two beautiful and uplifting aromatherapy oils to smell- one to calm me, and the other to wake me up... During our work day these kept me uplifted and happy, worry free and going with the flow.

I booked a Facial with Fumi a couple of weeks later, as I felt connected and drawn to her practise and knew I would benefit from any treatment she was giving.

Arriving at her beautiful studio in Bronte, I knew I was in for something special- I could smell the aromas of the oils being diffused from the hallway, and from the moment I walked in, I felt calm and happy, content and trusting of Fumi and her magical Facials.

Before I continue I was privileged enough to have Fumi answer some questions on what makes her facials so unique and special... the answers are magnificent....

How did you start doing facials? Where did you learn your techniques?

I was studying natural therapy for myself, and was fascinated by the relationship with the face and our wellbeing.

It took over all a decade to put all the elements of my facials together by studying kinesiology, Shiatsu (meridian and tsubo therapy), remedial diagnostic yoga, and complementary therapy like lymphatic drainage, cranio sacral therapy, mayo fascial therapy, aromatherapy and so on... most of my qualifications are here in Australia, but I have researched many text books from Japan as well.

I am always doing more courses and studying, it continues to evolve every year.

Is there anything you are specific about when handling clients and the skin?

Zen Facial's approach to skin is holistic. It's a constitutional treatment, not a cosmetic nor topical treatment. It addresses the condition from the cause, so for skin we look at the imbalance in the organ, (digestive, hormonal, and nervous system). And also with lymphatic drainage, you can enjoy the glow from the inside.

What is the outcome you want for every client?

The treatment starts from a hara diagnosis to ascertain optimum results. Everybody's needs are different. It is not simply the visible difference, most clients walk out mentioning they feel different (brand new!) and enjoy accumulative effects.

What are some of the signature elements of a Fumi Zen Facial?

That it treats your wellbeing, to uplift your face and spirit. Another signature element... killer cheek bones!

What is the best advice you can give to someone for their skin?

Eat well, sleep well, exercise well, hydrate from inside and out, take time out for yourself, as well as for your loved ones, laugh a lot and enjoy life...

Fumi's Six Programmes:

1. Anti aging from the inside and out (not just the face) Learning how to detect and prevent dementia.

2. Facial sculpture. Define cheek bones, change jaw lines, plumping those youthful cheeks - you will see the difference from the profile through your long slimmer neck, and also in your smile. Added sparkle in your eyes and smooth forehead.

3. Stress management - understanding your somatic strategy - how you process,and where you store stress... as well as enjoying the body and mind to be totally relaxed and rejuvenated , but also to change the somatic habit, unwanted cellular memory. Often people mistake stress for aging.

4. For busy moms who don't get a restful sleep. would you like a weeks holidayin 90 minutes? ;) Happy mum happy life. I hear how the results of the treatments have changed the wellbeing of not only for them, but the whole family. Also sharing things they can do to look after their family.

5. Jet lag prevention and recovery

6. Wedding/special event ready to feel calm and be radiant on those special occasions.

The process of Fumi's Zen facial that I experienced was something out of this world. For me, she started by asking what I wanted to get out of the facial- asking me questions about my personality, and traits that would be contributing to my skin troubles. She picked out my sweet tooth in no time!

After this- she covered my eyes with a lavender eye pillow, and went to my feet to start the process. She moved to my stomach and was figuring out what my body was going through that would in turn help my skin. Fumi placed a warm heater to keep my body warm and then started working on my face with oils and creams. She was doing the lymphatic draining and cranio sacral therapy and I could feel my face getting plumper. She also worked on my muscles, working out all the knots in my neck. It really was an experience that needs to be... experienced!

I walked out with my cheekbones glowing, my face shining, feeling no worries, and my 'worry lines/smile lines' had diminshed and been rejeuvenated, Fumi expressed to me that a client of hers came to her saying that she didnt want botox but wanted to have her skin remaining firm and looking hydrated, in a world where there are so many social pressures to look and remain young, she would love for people to know there are alternative natural ways and therapies to do this without these dramatic proceedures and pressures, to maintain our youthful glows come from the inside... out.


Here you can see

my cheekbones are

not as defined

my skin looks a little

more sagging.

Here my skin looks more plump and full, there is more

definition in my face and cheekbones and

definitely more Shine!

I would recommend Fumi to anyone who loves feeling good from the inside out when having a facial, also to have an incredibly relaxing moment in the lives we lead!

I also received this beautiful bottle of magical Oil....

An original fusion made by Fumi for her clients. This I am able to put into a diffuser or rub behind my ears to last for the day. I love that little dab of inspiration.

You can find out more about Zen Facial on Fumi's website. Fumi is so lovely and supportive, making you feel so special and cared for before, during and after your consultation. Its the best treat!

Sending Love,



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